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Packing List – Nepal


OneSeed will provide all group equipment. You are responsible only for personal clothing and gear. The below is a list of suggested items for your expedition and does not included additional clothing/items you may want for Kathmandu or international travel. Luggage and clothing that is not required for the trail can be left in storage at our partner lodge in Kathmandu.

On the trail you’ll have two bags: one day pack for which you will be responsible and one primary bag to be carried by our team.  Your carried bag is limited to 10Kg/22lbs.  For this bag, we recommend either a large backpack or a durable duffel bag.

Learn more here: Packing 101

Wondering about the weather? Learn more about the Annapurna, Everest, and Langtang regions.

Documents and Logistics

__ International flights booked and confirmed to Kathmandu
__ Flight information submitted (
__ Passport valid through end of trip
__ Photocopy of passport
__ Four (4) passport-sized photos for arrival visa and trekking permits
__ US Currency for 15 or 30-day Nepali Tourist Visa (available upon arrival for US citizens)
__ Medical insurance card
__ Cash for tipping guides, souvenirs, incidents etc.

Expedition Gear

__ Change of clothes for Kathmandu - to be kept in storage during expedition
__ Medium/Heavyweight down jacket (1)
__ Fleece jacket or vest (1)
__ Synthetic hiking pants (1)
__ Waterproof Jacket (1)
__ Synthetic long underwear (top and bottom) (2)
__ Synthetic T-shirt
__ Wool or synthetic hat (1)
__ Gloves
__ Waterproof hiking boots
__ Nylon-wool blend socks (2-3)
__ Sandals/Crocs/Old Sneakers (for walking around the lodges/restrooms in the evening)
__ Day pack (1)
__ Water bottle (1)
__ Headlamp
__ Sunscreen
__ Sunglasses
__ Laundry soap (optional)
__ Quick-dry towel
__ Personal toiletries and medicine
__ Sleeping bag w/ 15/20F rating (0F recommended for Everest and Annapurna Base Camps) (1)
__ Toilet paper (available in Kathmandu)
__ Hand sanitizer

Himalayan Downhill Expedition – Additional Required Items
__ Padded biking shorts
__ Biking shirt
__ Biking gloves
__ Knee and elbow pads
__ Biking shoes may be substituted for hiking boots

Other (optional)

__ Reading material for the trail
__ OTC medications (Advil, Imodium, Pepto-bismol etc.)
__ Hotel reservations for extended time in Nepal (if applicable)
__ Guidebooks
__ Camera
__ Trekking poles
__ Bandana (for dust and wind)
__ Energy bars
__ Yaktrax (especially useful for late fall and early spring trips)
__ Outlet adapter (available to purchase in Kathmandu)
__ Zip-lock bags for waterproofing passport and other valuables