What’s an appropriate guide to tipping?

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In past entries we’ve tackled some of the challenges you’re likely to face in preparing for an expedition with OneSeed, now we’ll take on a different, but often confusing part of the experience: how, what and when to tip your OneSeed guide.

Protip: Guides love hot tea almost as much as the Himalayas

When you lace up those (well worn) boots and set off on your adventure, you’ll be joining lining up for your march with one or more of our incredible OneSeed Guides. Your trip guide will be your cultural liaison, mountaineering expert, gear fitter, equestrian virtuoso, environmental impact consultant, ornithologist, comedian, student affairs coordinator, local historian, woman’s advocate, and and on particularly steep inclines, your resident motivational speaker.

Hyperbole aside, OneSeed guides are professional, experienced, hard working, and committed to making your trip an exciting, fun, and unique experience. And just like in most people in the service industry, a tip is a great way to let your guide know how you felt about the trip and how they did their job.

Hey, no cheating! Guides in Training hitting the books.

Our policy at OneSeed is that tips are never expected, but always appreciated. You are free to give as much or as little as you feel fit, but a good rule of thumb to ease the uncertainty is $3 – $7 per person in your group for each day of the trip. So for a person on a week long trek a good range would be $21-$49. Again, give more or less as you see fit.

This rate is consistent for guided trips in both Chile and Nepal. If your guide is being assisted by a guide-in-training and you would like to show them a little encouragement while they’re still in the learning process, a tip of around $1 – $3 per person per day is a reasonable range.

We here at OneSeed prefer cooking with a view to dinner with a show

As for when to tip, well, the end of the trip!

The best way to tip your guide is to simply find a moment at the end of the trip to thank your guide personally and give them whatever amount you see fit. They’ll be thankful not just that you tipped them, but that you took a moment to let them know how  you felt about the experience and what role they played in shaping your OneSeed expedition.

Of course, if you have any concerns about what is and isn’t appropriate tipping practice before you set out you can go ahead and shoot us an email with your question. If you’d like to know more about it while you’re on the trip, just ask your guide! It will hardly be the strangest situation they’ve dealt with on the trail.