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What’s an appropriate guide to tipping?

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The OneSeed blog addresses many issues to help you prepare for your expedition. Today, we’ll tackle the (sometimes confusing) topic of how, what and when to tip your OneSeed guide.

When you set off on your adventure, you’ll be joined by one or more of our incredible OneSeed Guides. Your guides will be your cultural liaison, mountaineering expert, gear fitter, environmental impact consultant, ornithologist, comedian, local historian, and and on particularly steep inclines, your resident motivational speaker.


Protip: Guides love hot tea almost as much as the Himalayas

OneSeed guides are highly experienced and committed to making your trip a great experience. Just like other sectors of the service industry, a tip is a great way to let your guide know how you felt about your expedition.

Our policy at OneSeed is that tips are never expected, but always appreciated. You are free to give as much or as little as you feel fit, but we have included a chart below to act as a guide. Remember, the averages below are based on per person recommendations.

 Guide  $6-8/day
 Assistant Guide  $2-5/day
 Cook/Mulero  $1-3/day
Hey, no cheating! Guides in Training hitting the books.

Hey, no cheating! Guides in Training hitting the books.

As for when to tip, well, the end of your trip! To keep things easy, tip each guide individually as opposed to one lump sum for all of them. Simply find a moment at the end of the trip to thank your guide personally and give them whatever amount you see fit. They’ll be thankful not just that you tipped them, but that you took a moment to let them know how  you felt about the experience and what role they played in shaping your OneSeed expedition.

Happy Trekking!