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The most common way to get sick when traveling is through food and water. Trying new foods is part of the experience, but no one likes to be sick on the road. Don’t fear! We are here to give you a few pointers to keep your adventurous palate and your...
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OneSeed is happy to announce our newest location, Colombia! With mountains, jungles, beaches, coffee farms, modern cities, and more, Colombia has it all. We wanted to give you a little background about this incredibly diverse and beautiful country. Here are 7 facts you may not know about this South American...
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Noting the importance of women in society, Mao Zedong once said “Women hold up half of the sky.” International economists and experts agree: The UN and IMF endorse investment in women as ‘smart economics’ because even small investments can make a huge positive difference for economic and human...
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Is Machu Picchu on your bucket list? Learn a bit about the the famous ruins below! History of Machu Picchu: Constructed in the 15th century, Machu Picchu is an ancient Inca city located in Peru that has been named one of the new seven wonders...
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Love waking up to a fresh cup of coffee every morning? Before taking off for Peru, learn a few fun facts about coffee, one of the top exports! The Arabica bean is the organically grown coffee bean that has quickly made Peru a huge global exporter of coffee.  In...
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Sometimes backpacking means carrying a tent, digging a pit toilet, and struggling through days of dehydrated food-like substances. In Chile's Torres del Paine National Park, the refugio system bringds a bit of class to the camping routine. While you'll welcome the local wines, warm stoves, and beds, sharing a...
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You’ve seen them in photos, fluttering around in the background. They are attached to temples, houses, bridges, and mountains in Nepal, but what purpose do they serve? Read this quick synopsis to learn the history behind prayer flags and how they are used today. Prayer flags contain Buddhist prayers or...
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Always be prepared! The scout's motto is simple, but true. Being well prepared for your trek will make your time much more enjoyable, and you can focus on the wonders around you rather than your blistered feet! Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your trek. Starting...
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