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The Air Up There: Weather in the Langtang Region

Climate Overview

Temperatures in the Langtang region vary greatly due to the extreme difference in altitude in the region. Most of the annual precipitation occurs from June to September. In fall (October – November) and spring (April – May), days are warm and sunny, and nights cool. In spring, rain at 3000m elevation often turns to snow at higher elevations. In winter from December to March, days are clear and mild but nights cold.


Weather in the Langtang Region

As in all mountain regions, weather is most impacted by changes in elevation and topography.  Expeditions throughout the Langtang are at lower altitudes than those through the Khumbu or Annapurna region.  Days are warmer on average and summers can be humid at lower elevations.

Current weather in Langtang.

Current weather in Syabru Besi.

Mountain Weather

Current weather on Langtang Lirung. – World weather forecast | Langtang