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On the Rugged Patagonia Expedition, you will have the chance to explore around the base of Mt. Fitz Roy.  Here are a few fun facts to think about before your trip! Originally known by locals as Chaltén, or “smoking mountain,” this spectacular peak located on the border of Argentina and Chile, was renamed Fitz Roy […]
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The Air Up There: Weather in El Chaltén

Climate Overview While the weather in El Chaltén can be unpredictable, it is a semi-arid environment with light precipitation common. It is essential to be prepared because the weather can change instantly from sunny to stormy. The warmer temperatures are recorded in the summer from November to March. Highs are typically in the 60s during […]
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Trivia Training: 4 Interesting Facts about Patagonia

You may have heard about its beauty or just see the name everywhere on the logo of people’s fleeces, but here are some things you may not know. Patagonia has 31 national parks. These parks amass to an area larger than both Portugal and Spain combined! The Carmenere grape was saved in Chile. The french grape […]
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Hiking in the Clouds: What Happens at Altitude

We get a lot of questions about altitude here at OneSeed. We do play in the mountains a lot after all! Altitude can effect people differently, but some we’ll cover some of the details here: What altitudes each trip reaches How altitude sickness can effect you How to prevent altitude sickness and monitor for it […]
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Guide Profile: Sabine Barrios

One of our newest Chilean guides, Sabine is well traveled and has five years experience guiding treks in Patagonia. Born in Venezuela, she grew up in Santiago before traveling through Bolivia, Argentina, Venezuela, France and England where she really mastered her English. In addition to leading trekking trips through Patagonia, she has also led extended […]
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Staff Profile: Sergio Nuñez, Regional Director – Latin America

Sergio 3
Meet Sergio, OneSeed’s Country Director in Chile. Originally from Chile’s far south, Sergio grew up playing in the outdoors and exploring Patagonia. He studied business in school and has experience running his own trekking companies. He loves climbing and trekking with his daughter who is a budding adventurer herself. As an amateur photographer, he captures […]
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The Air Up There: Weather in Torres Del Paine

Climate Overview Although the park is located in an area that includes a “mild- cool climate, rainy, without dry season”, the weather conditions observed during the year are various, depending on location, altitude, topography, or proximity to glaciers, lagoons or lakes. The characteristic aspect of the area is its thermal homogeneity, which allows tourists to […]
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