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TAKE A SIP: Peruvian Coffee Demystified

Love waking up to a fresh cup of coffee every morning? Before taking off for Peru, learn a few fun facts about coffee, one of the top exports! The Arabica bean is the organically grown coffee bean that has quickly made Peru a huge global exporter of coffee.  In fact, 60% of Peru’s exports consist of […]
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Coca Leaves and Community: Understanding the Despacho Ceremony in Peru

Want to learn a little about the culture of Peru before heading there yourself? Here is a brief description about one important ceremony that is called the “Despacho” and how it is conducted in Peru. The purpose of the ceremony is to pay tribute to Mother Earth or Pachamama. Participants show gratitude for successes in […]
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5 Ways to Offend Someone in Nepal

dal bhat
To an outsider, customs can seem arbitrary and random. What if a foreigner gave someone the middle finger? They might not have any idea what the implications are. In Nepal, respect is very important and we want you to arrive as an educated traveler. Today, we are going to give you a list of 5 […]
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Expect the Unexpected: 4 things you may not know about Nepal

Heading to Nepal? Here are 4 fun facts about the culture and people of Nepal. Cows are sacred. Within Hinduism, cows are considered a sacred and inviolable animal. In Nepal, cows are not eaten and it is considered illegal to kill the animal. Due to this fact, it is not uncommon to see a cow wandering […]
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After OneSeed: Adventure & Service in Nepal

  If you’re using OneSeed to help you get to your adventure destination, chances are you are fully aware that planning any trip, much less one to South Asia, can be overwhelming. While we’re confident that we can make your travel experience as easy and pain free as possible, Nepal is still a long and […]
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