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Staff Profile: Sergio Nuñez, Regional Director – Latin America

Sergio 3

Meet Sergio, OneSeed’s Country Director in Chile. Originally from Chile’s far south, Sergio grew up playing in the outdoors and exploring Patagonia. He studied business in school and has experience running his own trekking companies. He loves climbing and trekking with his daughter who is a budding adventurer herself. As an amateur photographer, he captures the beauty of Patagonia and his work has been published in National Geographic. This rugged outdoorsman owns a pink espresso maker which makes a darn good cup of coffee!

1. How did you get started guiding?

My father is university professor and my family moved to England when I was a kid so that he could work on his masters degree. When we returned to Chile, he began working as a guide in Torres del Paine mainly on fly fishing trips. In high school I started guiding city tours as a summer job, and then through my dad, I began trekking. I loved it and became a guide in Torres del Paine.

2. What are some of the funniest things you have seen people bring on a trip?

Travel was a lot more primitive in Chile 8-10 years ago, yet people would bring wheeled luggage on a trip! There are always hair dryers and more than one has killed the entire power of a building. Also, ice axes on hiking trips!

3. What other experience do you have in guiding?

I have started two tourism and guiding businesses, one in Puerto Natales with trekking trips. The second I started with a friend who is a big skier offering ski trips in backcountry Patagonia. I’m not a very good skier though, I like my equipment to stop when I do, not keep sliding down hill!


4. After growing up in Patagonia, how is it living in a city like Santiago?

I forget my keys all the time! They aren’t really necessary at home.

5. How do you eat an Oreo cookie?

I love to dip them in tea, chocolate or good coffee. I love a good strong coffee with biscuits!