Staff Profile: Lauren Linzer – Slayer of Sales and Customer Service Guru


 Meet Lauren, OneSeed’s head of sales and customer service.

Lauren comes to us from North Carolina though she has spent the past few years traveling abroad. She earned a marketing degree from Appalachian State in the mountains of Boone, North Carolina. She learned Spanish by immersing herself in the language while teaching English in Madrid, Spain and then living in Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands off the African coast. After floating between nearly 15 apartments in several countries over the past two and a half years, she is excited to now call Denver home. Though she may occasionally have a hard time learning how to use a thermos, we are excited to have her on board.

1)   What drew you to OneSeed Expeditions?

After spending the past two years traveling, I wanted to give back and do something that would make the world a little better while also sharing my passion for travel. I found the search for a job that would combine those two factors quite challenging, but OneSeed Expeditions is the perfect marriage of these passions. The more I learned about OneSeed, the more perfect a fit it seemed with its mission of traveling the world and investing in people. Sharing OneSeed’s exciting and inspirational story is personal because having the opportunity to sell something you love is very unique and special.

2)   What’s the most important part of a sandwich?

The sauce. It can make or break a sandwich. You can have a great sandwich with no meat or lots of meat, but you can’t have a dry sandwich. There is nothing worse than a dry sandwich. I think mine is dry today. And the bread is clutch too.

3)   What is a piece of advice you would share with people new to travel?

Don’t be fearful. Whenever I’ve made a pros and cons list, the only things that came up on the cons list were things tied to fear. I was afraid because I was uncomfortable and I was uncomfortable because it was something new and unknown. Be excited about the unknown, not fearful because in the end it all works out. Once you learn to manage your fear, so many opportunities will open up for you. You get out of your element once, you will be a different person, and it will inspire you to keep doing that.

4)  What is one of your most memorable experience while traveling?

When I was living on Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands off African coast, I was driving from the town of Tao at the center of island to a yoga class near the beach. The sun was beginning to set, and it illuminated the looming cliffs in a way that the lighting was surreal. I was overcome with emotion and the realization of how grateful I was to be in this place in this moment. I could see the crevices in the cliffs leading down to the ocean below with another island off in the distance. I was alone in silence in my gutted Nissan can motoring down the road. By the time I reached class, I was already so at peace. Driving home, I could see the black shadows of the volcanoes against the last light of the day. As the sky began to fill with stars, I began to tear up knowing I had found a  little slice of heaven on earth.

5)   Is there anything you like to bring back from a trip?

At first I didn’t think so, especially since I had to be careful about weight restrictions when backpacking. I discovered it’s the little things I find when I get back that mean the most. The handwritten notes, maps on the back of napkins, a phone number. They become a part scrapbooks I create to preserve the memories and revisit whenever I want to return to my travels. While the photographs of the sights or beautiful vistas are incredible, the coffee rings on a map and a note in the edge of page are better because they are reminders of the journey, of the people I was with and the moments we shared, not just the destination. They are the proof that I lived it, not that I just got off the plane, saw and left.

6) How do you open a banana?

I break it in half!