Packing List – Chile


OneSeed will provide all group equipment. You are responsible only for personal clothing and gear. The below is a list of suggested items for your expedition and does not included additional clothing/items you may want for Santiago or international travel. Luggage and clothing that is not required for the trail can be left in storage in Santiago.

Documents and Logistics

__ International flights booked and confirmed to Santiago
__ Flight information submitted (
__ Passport valid through end of trip (*Passport and entry receipt must be carried at all times during expedition!)
__ Medical insurance card
__ Cash for tipping guides, souvenirs, incidents etc.

Expedition Gear

__ Change of clothes for Santiago - to be kept in storage during expedition
__ Backpack (for carrying your gear)
__ Down jacket (1)
__ Fleece jacket or vest (1)
__ Synthetic hiking pants (1)
__ Synthetic t-shirt (1)
__ Waterproof Jacket (1)
__ Rain pants (1)
__ Synthetic long underwear (top and bottom) (2)
__ Wool or synthetic hat (1)
__ Light gloves
__ Waterproof hiking boots
__ Nylon-wool blend socks (2-3)
__ Sandals (for walking around the lodges in the evening)
__ Day pack – should be light and easy to stuff in main pack when not in use (1)
__ Water bottle (1)
__ Headlamp
__ Sunscreen
__ Sunglasses
__ Laundry soap (optional)
__ Quick-dry towel
__ Personal toiletries and medicine
__ Sleeping bag w/ 30F rating (1)
__ Pack cover (1)

Other (optional)

__ Reading material for the trail
__ Hotel reservations for extended time in Chile (if applicable)
__ Guidebooks
__ Camera
__ Trekking poles (must fit inside pack for domestic flight)
__ Synthetic shorts
__ Bandana (for dust and wind)
__ Energy bars
__ Swimsuits for Atacama / Trek and Sip hot springs
__ Outlet adapter (available to borrow at hotel in Santiago)