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OneSeed Chile

A narrow country occupying a thin strip of land between the Andes mountains  and the Pacific Ocean, Chile is land of extremes.

One theory holds that the country’s name derives from the indigenous word meaning “ends of the earth” or “where the land ends.”  From the isolated desert of the Atacama to the tip of Patagonia, you’ll feel as though you’ve truly found one of the last corners of the world.

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May 6, 2014

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April 27, 2014

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"The entire trip was incredible. In addition to providing a safe, fun, affordable trip that ensures direct social and economic benefits to the local communities, Oneseed created opportunities to experience the culture and develop relationships with local people. Oneseed has excellent resources and tips for planning a trip on their website. In addition, they were super responsive to all the follow up questions that we had about planning the trip. I am planning another trip with OneSeed next year!"

-Craig P.

"I love the OneSeed model and how it helps local communities, so it's not just travel, but you feel good about what you are doing. It also feels very personalized, and not like just another average travel company. I was very impressed with everything. We were originally supposed to be on the November 2 Annapurna Discovery trek and due to Hurricane Sandy our flights got canceled and couldn't get out of NYC until November 9th. We really thought that this trip was not going to happen. Your team was so accomodating in letting us do the trek on the date we were finally able to get to Nepal. Everything from meeting Bishnu and Tek, to the actual trek with Chitra was great. For such a new company, I was so impressed by how smoothly everything went, and I've been telling all of my friends about it. I'm originally from Chile (Vina del Mar) and have never been to Patagonia. My experience in Nepal was so great that I am seriously considering one of your Patagonia adventures for next year. Again, thank you and the team at OneSeed for everything."

-Daniela B.

"The guides and guides in training were totally loving, took amazing care of us and took care of all our many requests. They also have great senses of humor and fun. During our trek, they actually supervised cooks to ensure we'd not acquire a third world scourge (diarrhea). I've completed a lot of outfitted adventure trips. Our guides created an esprit de corps that I'd never previously experienced, Chris Baker, the founder, has thought through all the details and takes very good care of the guides and guides in training. I'm in my mid sixties: I'd never have been able to complete the trek without the guides good humor and encouragement. I'm truly grateful."

-Carol B.

"OneSeed is incredible! I did a trip with them in Nepal to Annapurna Base Camp in April 2012. The OneSeed staff was incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, and honest. I always felt safe during the trek and knew they were looking out for my best interests, and I completely trusted my guides. They were always friendly and happy to teach us about Nepali culture and point out interesting animals and plants that we saw along the trail. The scenery was absolutely spectacular, and reaching Annapurna Base Camp was honestly one of the most exhilarating, fulfilling, and beautiful experiences that I have ever had. I would recommend OneSeed trips to anyone who loves hiking, nature, and especially mountain scenery - it is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience! I was very impressed with OneSeed's commitment to the local Nepali people. 10% of their proceeds go directly to microfinance projects that benefit women in rural communities."

-Laura A.

"Guides were very professional and better than trying to find somebody in Kathmandu on your own. Very friendly and knowledgeable about the country, culture, trail, sights, plants, animals, etc."

-Ali H.

"Excellent service. Superb team. Took care of us from landing at Kathmandu to departure."

-Amos B.

"I can't say enough good things about our amazing guides and guides-in-training in Nepal! We had an amazing trek in the Langtang region and I am very grateful for their friendship, kindness and hospitality! thank you One Seed!"

-Sarah M.

"Brilliant trek through Langtang. Our guides and guides in training are phenomenal. 5 star service every moment of the trip. Thank you Goma and Satay. You made our trip unforgettable.*****"

-Angelique T.

"Great guides with fantastic service made it a very enjoyable trip."

-Mark T.

"I would definitely recommend OneSeed to a friend or 8, and I would join them again on another trip."

-Anthony A.

"I am very happy that the company not only provided excellent service and allowed me to enjoy a wonderful time while in Nepal but I am also glad that I or the company is helping make a difference in people's lives and that is a great vacation! Not only do I get to have fun but I am helping others at the same time!"

-Susan W.

"Everything was so great! Everything was smooth and our guide was extremely helpful. Our guide was the best guide out of any we met during the trek."

- Laura A.

"I could not have asked for a better experience. Our guide, Man Parshad, was extremely professional and clearly passionate about his roles and the responsibilities they entailed. He had a great attitude and was always sensitive to our needs, opinions and fulfilled our every expectations. Compared to the other guides we met on the trek, we felt extremely fortunate for the respectability of our guide, the experience he possessed, and in my opinion he was the best guide on the mountain! He was personable, friendly, kind, perceptive and honest. We had a wonderful time and I will definitely choose OneSeed for my future trekking expeditions and recommend them highly to my friends. It was a pleasure to be part of the team."

-Vanessa C.

"To be in Nepal is to fall in love with it, and to be in Nepal in the experienced, caring hands of OneSeed is to fall madly in love. OneSeed is a perfect model for customer service and social and environmental consciousness. Our guides Bishnu and Chitra were professional, funny and obviously had a world of experience. They made sure our experience was perfect from start to finish, making it look seamless. Lodges and food were great! I loved this trip. I'll be back and I'll be back with OneSeed."

-Joellyn W.

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