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One–Er, Three–Months Down

Chris Baker is the founder of OneSeed Expeditions.

When I first started this draft (on June 27th), I began by reflecting on just how much had happened in only a month since our launch in May.

Time got away from me.

Now, three full months since our launch, I can’t believe how much has come together in such a short time:

1) Redesign and launch of our website. While I’ll always have a soft spot for our iWeb-designed layout with flashing graphics, the new site looks great.  Kudos to our 99Designs contest winner, Ryana Aher.

2) The expansion of our summer team by two. Suniti Thapa and Emily Cunningham, both Harvard University undergrads, came out to Denver to join OneSeed for the summer.  Over tamales and momos, they built content for the site, designed marketing strategy, and made our office a lot more exciting.

3) The announcement of our 2012-2013 group trek itineraries. Check out our Explore page to view dates, details, and pricing info.

4) The completion of our first investment round. With support from 25 investors, OneSeed met its investment goal, allowing us to rapidly expand our operations and build our pilot program in Nepal.

What next?

The coming months are going to be just as busy for OneSeed.  As we fill our 2012 expeditions, our team will shift full-time to Nepal where the training of our first guide and porter class will begin in October.  Our goal is to do things right in Nepal before expanding to regions outside of South Asia (next stop: Latin America?). So keep an eye on us and get ready for more expedition offerings in the near future.