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Guide Profile: Sabine Barrios


One of our newest Chilean guides, Sabine is well traveled and has five years experience guiding treks in Patagonia. Born in Venezuela, she grew up in Santiago before traveling through Bolivia, Argentina, Venezuela, France and England where she really mastered her English. In addition to leading trekking trips through Patagonia, she has also led extended horseback riding trips through the region as well! Learn a bit more about what makes Sabine tick in our interview with her.

What inspires you/do you love about the outdoors and adventure?

It is what I feel in the outdoors that inspires me to love everything in the mountains and wilderness. Learning how can I take care of it and learning how to go further into the wilderness is what pushes me to continue out there.

What places would you like to visit?

Someday, I will find myself in the mountains of Himalayas, and I would love to travel a lot in France. The rest, I will take the chance if I have the opportunity.

What is something about Chile that might surprise foreigners?

The dialect of Spanish spoken here. People speak so fast and there is a lot of slang. A lot of foreigners who visit Patagonia ask how the gauchos can live in complete isolation in the middle of nowhere taking care of the land and the animals of an “Estancia” or farm. I wonder that too!


What was your first adventure?

In Bolivia, the Inca trail called “Camino del Choro.”

How did you start guiding?

When I was working as a receptionist in a Refugio in the National Park Torres del Paine, I started to study before to become a guide.

How do you eat an Oreo cookie (or equivalent)?

I open the cookie and then leave the cream for the end.

If you had a super power, what would it be?