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Our Partner – BPW

OUR PARTNER: Patan Business and Professional Women

Patan BPW is a registered financial intermediary nongovernment organization (FINGO) based in the capital city of Kathmandu. Since 2002, Patan BPW has administered microloans under license from the Nepal Rastra Bank. Since 2007, Patan BPW has raised and disbursed over $230,000 USD in loans with an average loan size of $259 USD at annual interest rates of 15 percent, considerably lower than alternative money lenders in Nepal and competitive among comparable MFIs.

The Mission

BPW aims to increase the number of Nepali women entering the workforce by providing professional, skill, and literacy training with the end goal of empowering women to have a positive impact on their families, communities, and society and increasing the overall socio-economic status of women in Nepal.

The Model

BPW’s microcredit program operates through a delicate series of checks and balances to ensure that both the bank and its clients are treated fairly and that the bank’s capital is being used most effectively. Any Nepali woman living under the poverty line (about 84 USD or less in annual income) is eligible to become a member of the bank. To secure a loan, a woman must form a group of five and attend a comprehensive training program. Group members are jointly responsible for repayment in case of default and are required to participate in a compulsory savings program. Members earn a five percent annual return on savings.