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Why OneSeed?

It’s easy to feel like microfinance has lost a bit of its shine.

From the recent travails of Muhummad Yunnus and the Grameen Bank to the “no pay” movements in northern India and Latin America, it hasn’t been a great year for the idea that microfinance can overcome poverty.

And that’s exactly the point.

Microfinance doesn’t break the grip of poverty–people do.  People like Ms. Rita, a Kiva borrower I met and interviewed during my time as a Kiva Fellow in 2008.

Rita shows us that microfinance isn’t a solution unto itself.  Microfinance is simply the extension of financial services to the world’s poor.  Rita’s loan didn’t make her successful; Rita used her loan to make herself successful.

Because microfinance services allow individuals to leverage their own creativity and enterprise in the face of need, OneSeed believes in microfinance.

Kiva in Nepal: A Field Visit from Chris Baker on Vimeo.