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Bed, Breakfast, and Daal Bhat?: Teahouse Trekking in Nepal


What is a Teahouse Lodge?

Throughout the Himalaya, “teahouse” lodges are the standard traiside accommodation.  Somewhere between a bed and breakfast and a backcountry cabin, these teahouse lodges are among the more unique features of any Himalayan expedition.

Teahouse lodges are usually organized around a central room with a hearth and eating area.  These family-run operations serve up hot tea, tasty food, and even cold beer schlepped in several days from the trailhead.  While you’re  able to find burgers, “Tibetan pizza” (cheese and tomato sauce on flatbread), and even spaghetti on the menu, you’re always best off ordering local.  Nepali dumplings (momo), hearty stews, and the ubiquitous daal bhat (lentils and rice) are best in taste and value.  When in Rome…

Amenities are basic, but cozy and clean.  Most lodges offer both dormitory style shared rooms as well as private rooms sleeping 2-3.  Bring a cold weather sleeping bag to throw on top of the provided bedding and you’ll be warm and comfy.  Don’t forget a headlamp for late night reading!


What are OneSeed Partner Lodges?

OneSeed Expeditions is committed to supporting local communities and sustainable best practices.  OneSeed selects its partner lodges based on both the quality of accommodation and the use of responsible energy and waste management processes:

1) All OneSeed Partner Lodges are locally owned and operated

2) All OneSeed Partner Lodges use environmentally sustainable methods for producing cooking and heating fuel.

3) All OneSeed Partner Lodges use envrionmentally sustainable methods when disposing of waste.

Read more about our commitment to sustainability.

In addition to supporting environmental best practices, OneSeed Expeditions is committed to partnering with the region’s best-run lodges.  As part of our Partner Review process, we personally inspect every bed and every meal (a favorite task for our daal bhat loving founder, Chris).