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After OneSeed: Adventure & Service in Nepal



If you’re using OneSeed to help you get to your adventure destination, chances are you are fully aware that planning any trip, much less one to South Asia, can be overwhelming. While we’re confident that we can make your travel experience as easy and pain free as possible, Nepal is still a long and often expensive flight from the US of A. To fully capitalize on the opportunity your OneSeed trip affords you, consider taking a little extra time to extend your trip and take advantage of the fact that hey, you’re already abroad!
Nepal is a big place with a lot to see and a lot of good to be done. With a little planning you can put yourself in a position to capitalize on not just the fact that you’ll already be in Nepal (woo!) after your OneSeed adventure, but you’ll have first hand experience navigating the country and the culture.  Use it or lose it, right?

Not Ready to Go Home? Volunteer!


While volunteering isn’t an adventure vacation in the traditional sense, anyone who has spent time volunteering knows that service is a unique and rewarding adventure unto itself.

  • Volunteer Service in Nepal (VSN) hosts a variety of volunteer programs including constructing housing for children, helping with education initiatives, community upkeep projects and cultural exchange programs.
  • By checking their website and reading a little more, you can tailor your volunteer experience to your passion and skill set or try your hand at something new, which is likely why you decided to travel to Nepal in the first place.
  • If you’re not sure you’ll be able to work a VSN project into your itinerary, you might be surprised, they work had to accommodate travelers and their tight schedules.

Poverty and under-investment are complicated issues that affect different groups in different ways, but one unfortunate common theme in many developing communities is that women and girls are often overlooked. The reasons for this are varied, but there are organizations who hope to counter this trend and make sure women get the investment and attention they deserve.

  • Edge of Seven is a great option for serving women and girls, they are a unique non-profit that works specifically on issues affecting women and girls in Nepal.  (if you haven’t read about the Girl Effect yet, click here).
  • In the past Edge of Seven has built housing for college women, a girls’ primary school, and in February, 2012 they will break ground on a girls’ secondary school.
  • While currently fundraising for future projects, you can get more information, contact Edge of Seven with questions or donate to the organization on their website.

Plenty of Mountains Left to Climb!


While volunteer service is a great way to make the most out of your trip, you might also want to use your new education to plan an adventure of your own.

  • Kathmandu Environmental Education Program (KEEP Nepal) has a lot of resources available for those looking to utilize the knowledge and experience they’ve gained through a OneSeed expedition.
  • Headquartered in Thamel, Kathmandu, they offer eco-friendly supplies, up-to-date region-specific maps and useful advice.
  • KEEP Nepal also has education programs ranging from trail selection and mountain safety, to leaving a low ecological footprint coupled with encouraging positive cultural exchange.
Trying to fit as much into your trip as humanly possible?
  • Naturally Nepal provides you with tons of contacts, help pages and recommendations to help you heap on as much adventure as you can.
  • Also, there’s Rafting! In the Himalayas!